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nitratesOne most important thing concerning Viagra safe use is its use in combination with any organic nitrates. Such combination of these drugs is not allowed as it may result in the development of serious drug interaction with life-threatening health consequences. A man who uses nitrate of any kind regularly or periodically should not use Viagra for ED treatment.
The same is related to the patients who use potent anti-hypertensives (medicines for lowering of the blood pressure) and medicines called alpha-blockers. If you use any of these medicines and want to try Viagra, you should consult your doctor and discuss with him/her the options of ED treatment.
When used as a single Viagra does not cause any significant changes in the blood pressure. Thus it is not considered to be dangerous for people with low blood pressure.
Viagra is a potent ED booster. It must not be combined with other ED oral drugs such as Cialis or Staxyn or others. Such combinations may lead to increased risk of side effects.
A person who uses Viagra for the first time should be watchful for the reaction of his body to the actions of Sildenafil. Viagra rarely causes serious side effects, still one should get enough information about them.
A man who uses Viagra should remember that the medicine is not protective against sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy. Besides, it demands sexual stimulation from a man to get activated.
Viagra is not used in women, children and men younger than 18 years of age. It is indicated only for persons with diagnosed erectile dysfunction.

doctorBefore initiating the treatment with Viagra a man should get a medical advice and consultation to be sure that sildenafil is safe for his health and will not interact with the other medicines a man may take.
A man should not use Viagra if:
•    he is allergic to sildenafil;
•    he suffers from heart disease, kidney or liver disease, a history of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, blood cell disorders and others;
•    he uses drugs which interact with sildenafil.
A man must not use Viagra if he is treated with nitrates, if he has previously experienced serious (dangerous) side effect of this drug, if he has not ED problem.

Viagra is prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction to relieve the symptoms of this condition and help men overcome the inability to have erections.
Viagra is recommended for use in men with diagnosed impotence. Still men (especially young ones) use this medicine for recreational objectives. The use of Viagra for the purposes not included in the label may be dangerous for one’s health.
Women were also supposed to benefit from Viagra treatment. Pfizer Company conducted several studies to prove the effectiveness of Viagra for the women with sexual dysfunction. Still the studies did not demonstrate any clinically significant result.
Sildenafil citrate is also indicated for the treatment of adult patients with rare condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). This condition is caused by narrowing of the lung arteries. Sildenafil for the treatment of PAH is produced under the brand Revatio.
Before using Viagra one should get assured that his health allows using sildenafil. A doctor’s advice is required.


When a man gets an erection, certain processes happen in his organism. With sexual stimulation, the nitric oxide releases. This substance activates an enzyme cGMP which is responsible for the muscle relaxation in the penis. Once the muscles are relaxed, the blood starts flowing into the penis. The penis expands and an erection occurs.
In a person who experiences ED or impotence the erectile process is impaired. The negative effect is caused by an enzyme called PDE type 5 which affects cGMP and does not allow muscle relaxation and blood inflow. Viagra inhibits PDE type 5 and thus facilitates the erectile process.
The medicine works only with sexual stimulation as the nitric oxide releases only when a man is sexually excited.
Vitro studies of sildenafil have shown that it is selective for PDE type 5, but may have certain effect on other PDEs if used in higher doses. Thus the use of Viagra in the right dose not higher than recommended is important.

happy coupleViagra medicine is extremely successful due to its high efficacy, prime quality and safety. Generic medicines containing sildenafil also attract men with their low price. All these things make Viagra one of the most popular drugs for impotence treatment.
The top quality of Viagra ensures that a person will obtain very effective medication which complies with all the needs and requirements a man has.
Sildenafil was clinically tested several times. The medicine was assessed on the safety and effectiveness in accordance with high standards of the FDA. This agency approved sildenafil for use in men older than 18 years of age who experience the symptoms of impotence of different origin.
Men trust Viagra as it gives them chance to enhance and renew their sexual life. Millions of males buy Viagra online for regular use. The medicine offers the most reliable method of ED treatment and guarantees the most pleasurable results.