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Taking medicine safely can be a complicated thing to do for many reasons. And many people feel uncertain about using medicine(s), combining them with other medicines or food and other related things. With a little knowledge and control, you can take your medicine safely and prevent dangerous reactions. Using medications safely means knowing when and why they are necessary. So, it is important to check with the doctor if you\’re unsure whether your condition or symptoms require treatment with medication. In many cases, medicinal treatment is the only method for a quick recovery or getting rid of the symptoms. Besides, such things as getting enough rest (or being more active), drinking (or not drinking) liquid, eating foods or fasting can be very important during taking medicines. To ensure the safe use of prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, discuss your symptoms with your doctor and pharmacist. When taking your medicine(s), you need to know: the brand and generic name and purpose of the medication; your dose of the medicine and the max recommended dose per day; how often, and for how long the medicine should be taken; how the medicine should be administered (orally or breathed into the lungs, inserted into eyes, or rectum, applied to the skin); any special instructions, should your medicine be taken with or without food with or without water; how to keep the medicine; common side effects or reactions; drug interactions, possibility ofalcohol use; missing the dose situation. The dose of prescription medicines depends on a patient\’s weight which is usually calculated by a doctor or pharmacist. The information about dose for different categories of patients is also very significant as patients with chronic conditions, elderly patient, pregnant women or children usually get lower doses or specially adjusted doses individually established for them. Aside from this, different medicines have different concentrations of main components, thus a patient must read the information available with the medicine and/or ask a general practitioner. Some medicines are used on an as-needed basis only when certain symptoms occur, so medicines to reduce or relieve these symptoms should be taken on demand. Some medicines should be taken until finished or during a certain period of time as prescribed by the doctor. Such medicines as antibiotics must not be stopped even if you feel better. The full course of certain medicines is absolutely necessary. There is another aspect of using medicines – when you have to take multiple medicines. You may need several different medications for the treatment of your condition. To get the most benefit from those medications, it is important to take each one exactly as your doctor prescribes. You can ask your doctor for a special schedule for taking your medications and keep on it until the treatment is finished. Always remember that with each new prescription, you should learn how to combine your new medicine with the other drugs which you use. Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the dose, in other cases several medications are taken together. Staying on schedule is the way to have effective treatment, easier to use with the right dose. Today there are special charts and pill calendars are created for you to help take the medicine properly and track when to take the pills (capsule, oral suspension) and how much of the medicine to consume.

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